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Author Topic: General Staff Rules  (Read 179 times)


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General Staff Rules
« on: April 18, 2017, 11:18:38 PM »
Rule 1:
Being active is key to being on this staff team. If you leave for a long period of time without a reason to why then you are prone to being demoted, before going anywhere it would be best to write in the Staff chat where it is you are going or the reason of why you will be inactive.

Rule 2:
When it comes to PvP do not use your powers to gain an advantage over the players. When you are running into PvP make sure you have your GodMode/Creative off. Using weapons that are not allowed to be used in PvP will also result in confiscation of the weapon and a strike.

Rule 3:
Us Staff are no different than normal players. We must follow the rules like everyone else. One being our most strictest rule. Keep chat and voice chat PG. If you are found being sexual/vulgar/innapropriate in any way you will be getting a strike or maybe even a demotion.

Rule 4:
Staff need to be helpful and kind to our players. So no matter how annoying or how irritating a player gets you must keep calm and mature. Remember you are the staff and it is your job to be professional and understanding.

Rule 5:
Our On topic skype chat is for Staff eyes only. Any information being leaked or anything regarding our staff chat being said to someone who is not apart of the staff team will result in a demotion/strike to the staff who has leaked the information.

Rule 6:
We staff are a team. Any trolling/harassing/bullying to another staff member will result in a strike/demotion. We do not tolerate bullying. Everyone will be treated as you yourself would want to be treated.

Rule 7:
Be honest. In any case being honest with your fellow staff teammates/players and your higher ups is your best bet to not getting a strike/demoted. Do not lie to us and we will respect you as you have respected us.

Rule 8:
If you find/see a banned items either in your inventory or being used by someone else you must tell an Admin or higher to confiscate and get rid of the banned item. You yourself as staff should not be using banned items unless given the permission to.

Rule 9(Admin+):
Do not use /sudo. If you are to use this command it will lead in an immediate demotion unless given permission from the player you are to use it on, otherwise you have no right using this command on a normal player of our server.

Rule 10(Admin+):
Do not use /butcher. Never shall you need to use this command. Using it will most likely lead to being demoted/striked depending on the amount of damage you have caused to the work that has been done.

Rule 11(Admin+):
When using WorldEdit do not go bigger than a 50,000 block edit wouldn’t permission from a higher up. If seen doing this you will be striked/demoted. If it is by accident then you can type //undo to undo the Worldedit.

Rule 12:
Using Common Sense is key. Not only should you do it as staff but everyone should. So when you get striked/demoted we do not want “It wasn’t in the rules” or “I was never told that”. You as a staff member should know what and what not to do.

Rule 13:
Do not troll or mess around with players. Staff are professional and shouldn’t troll players. They make our community and if reported/seen doing so will result in a strike/demotion.

Rule 14:
When it comes to communication you must be active as possible, whether it being Skype or Discord you must be on when you can or are asked to be on.

Rule 15(Admin+):
Do not make any random events without asking the higher ups about it. We would like to know where you are doing this event and when it will be done along with what the reward/event item will be. If Mods and below have ideas on events we will be more than happy to listen and allow the said event.

Rule 16:
Do not spawn in, or edit your own, or other's Pokemon without permission from Elementdragon, or Ariren