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Author Topic: General/Staff Rules  (Read 215 times)


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General/Staff Rules
« on: December 24, 2016, 02:13:43 PM »
Gaia Realms Staff Rules


*All volunteers, or staff members who run the server must obey said rules, unless told otherwise by the Owner or Head-Staff. Failure to comply to the rules WILL result in a strike, demotion, or Ban. Furthermore, if you witness any breaking of said rules please, inform the proper authorities


1. Keep server and personal effects/conflicts separate from each other.

2. Do not leak:
a. Staff Information
b. Staff Meeting Info
c. Staff Chat Logs/Information
d. To Be Completed Projects
e. Any Upcoming Events
f. Any Upcoming Updates
g. Other staff-member’s personal effects or lives, unless requested so

3.When assigned a weekly task, please start it by that week. If it is not started or completed, It will result in a warning.
a. Weekly assigned tasks are usually prescribed on sunday
b. Screenshots, or Videos may be requested upon completion or beginning of the project

4.Attend staff meetings whenever possible
a. You may be pulled into a meeting by a head staff member
b. Most meetings occur over the weekend

5.Please refrain from spawning any items for Non-Staff members without being “green-lit” by a Head Staff Member

6.Do not perform these commands:
a. /Butcher
b. /Sudo
c. /Stop

7. Do not use your staff powers to spawn in any non-obtainable items, or gain an edge without permission from Head Staff Members

8. Please refrain from social misconduct when on the server. Keep in mind you are still a staff member, even if you’re playing with others. This rule only applies if you’re reported by the offender, or punished by the head staff. Said Social Misconduct includes:
a. Over-Excessive Cussing
b. Griefing, or trolling
c. Overly-Sexualized Comments
d. Racial Slurs
e. Rude, Profane, or Belittling Comments
f. If you do cause problems, the head staff will deal with the issue
i. May lead to a WARNING, or DEMOTION

9. Please request permission from the head staff members before doing any of these:
a. Changing Builds
b. Changing/Fixing NPC’s
c. Changing Quests
d. Editing Permissions
e. Using World Edit
f. Creating Kits
g. Creating a new build, or Project

10. You must provide a reason for requesting personal leave, or being missing for long periods of time.
a. It cannot be something idiotic
b. It is understandable that people need personal time, we aren't always and should not be your first priority.
c. Care for your health for God Sakes.
d. Go out at least once a week. It doesn't have to be with someone special, just don’t complain about being a shut-in and do nothing about it
e. If you are unwell, or someone close to you has died, please inform us and we will discuss the allotted time for leave

11. Being active on TeamSpeak, Skype, or Discord is a must{When out}
a. It would be preferred if you are to actually speak
b. Typing is also accepted
c. Soundboards are allowed, but only in certain circumstances